As an Indian voice over artist, I provide Voice Over for the following kinds of projects:-


Advertising (TV, Radio and Web)

As a voice over artist for Advertising, I have a flair for making people sit up and take notice. Voice over for Advertising primarily works for the advertisements or commercials you see on mainstream and digital platforms like television or radio channels. Digital mediums like YouTube have also become extremely popular in the past decade for advertisers to promote their products/services. So all advertising voice over across TV, radio and web falls mainly in this category.



Doing voice over for audiobooks can be tricky. Here, hiring a competent and skilled voice over artist for Audiobooks is of utmost importance as only then would you be able to get the tone & the mood right for your story. Audiobooks are now one of the most popular forms of mainstream entertainment. From novels to non-fiction, explainers and how-to’s, audiobooks cater to a variety of audiences. Audiobooks can either be a straightforward narration or it can also be dramatically voiced with different character styles.

Corporate films - Web

Corporate films (Training, business presentations, sales, and web sites)

In the corporate setting voice overs are done for a variety of purposes such as voice overs for videos, voice over for presentation, voice over for corporate films etc. Here, you need to hire a voice over artist who has a distinguished voice that captures the listeners' attention right from the get-go. Most businesses chose to advertise their products or services either externally to clients or internally to their own team members. Some types of corporate films may be to train employees or potential users in how to use the product, while other types of corporate films can deal with showcasing or celebrating an achievement such as jubilees, award wins or other milestones.



Think of a non-fiction (mostly) audiobook with visuals and that’s pretty much what voice over for documentary is all about. Channels like National Geographic, BBC, and Discovery frequently show documentaries that are narrated by specialist voice over artists for documentaries although sometimes they may invite a ‘celebrity voice’ like Hollywood actor or a musician should the subject require it. So, if you require a voice-over artist for documentaries then contact me right away.

Explainer Video


The demand for animation voice overs and voice over for explainer video is at an all-time high. An explainer video is typically a short animated video commonly used by businesses to inform/educate people about their brand in a memorable yet clear and succinct way. These could be in an audio or audio-visual format and as such, you can hire a voice over artist for explainer video depending on your needs.

E-Learning Book


In recent years, the search for voice-over artist for e-learning projects has be exponential and the reason for this is quite simple. Modern education depends heavily on e-Learning which uses electronic technologies to deliver an educational curriculum outside the confines of a traditional classroom. In most cases, e-learning programs are delivered completely online. E-learning can be used in the field of education or business/service industries.


IVR, voicemail, phone systems, and on-hold messages

Be it voice over for IVR, voice over for voicemail and voice over for on-hold messages - you are likely most familiar with this kind of voiceovers as you encounter this on an almost daily basis, whether it is to call your bank or your mobile service provider or a number of other services. IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response which guides the user call through a series of vocal prompts e.g. “Press 1 if you wish to speak to Marketing.”


Movie, TV shows and video game trailers

Hiring the right voice over artist for movie, TV shows and video game trailers is essential if you want to make an impact on your target audience from the onset. A big part of any movie’s promotional activities, movie trailers or video game trailer build up the excitement and anticipation of a new release. It gives an insight to the consumer of the audio-visuals they can expect and as such, here a versatile & experienced games, movies and TV shows voice artist can prove to be quite a boon in the overall scheme of things.



Another form of infotainment, podcasts deal with a variety of topics. Most podcasts are usually voiced by the person doing the podcast itself. However, a voice over artist for podcasts may be brought in case the producer feels they want a more professional voice for the project.

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